Sam Agini


The Scariest Little Tune Ever is a paradigm of Vinosec's adaptability and comfort in any musical genre or atmosphere. - Kain represents the musicians that do know exactly how to promote themselves. ...everything Kain produces is a footnote to his adoration of all things musical. - ...Kain's versatility and talent prove themselves time and time again.

Mitchell Scott


Kain was a true pleasure to work with. Both his writing and musical talents have been extremely well received by our community. On top of that, his turnaround time was unbelievably fast. Will be working with him again in the very near future.

Ethron T. Young III
Motion Graphics Designer / SACBE, LLC


Kain is a multi-talented individual with a wide variety of skills. My favorite thing about Kain is that he is a genuinely nice person who goes out of his way to help any process of the business, pleasing customers, clients, and business partners. He has a clear talent for music, web design, and communication, and is an overall fun guy to work with. I feel like we are part of the same team and always look forward to continued collaboration on projects.