Guitar/Bass Maintenance

In preparing for work on a new project, I needed to set aside a day to do some maintenance on my instruments and get them all set up for recording. While doing so, I decided to take a few pictures and thought I would share them here for anyone that is curious what I’m playing on.

Quick notes about each guitar/bass:

The Walking Dead: This is a new, very cheap Peavey strat-style guitar with a ‘The Walking Dead’ wrap on it. I added some new potentiometer knobs (red skulls) previously and finally got around to adding the red skull inlay decals on the fretboard today.

Ebony: This is another new cheap guitar but it is the only 7-string guitar I have which is required for some of the heavier or more intricate songs that I do. With the cheaper guitars I figured I’d have some fun and put some themed decals on them so I went for a Final Fantasy XV vibe here. The fret inlay decals are swords and I love them.

Bio Tech: This is one of the few remaining guitars I have from pre-2016. I had to sell a lot because my wife and I had lost our jobs but this is probably my favorite guitar I’ve ever owned so I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. I believe the guitars like this were only available for a limited time, so I got really lucky when I managed to grab it.

Eight-six: This is a cheap 5-string bass which goes along with the 7-string guitar. I need both to do certain songs. I’ve actually owned a bass exactly like this before once or twice… They’re good but they’re literally bottom of the barrel. So I had fun with the decals and themed it after one of my favorite vehicles in media – the Trueno from Initial D. Even managed to get a license plate for the back!

Summon: This is another of the remaining instruments from pre-2016. I really love this bass – it’s a lot of fun to play on and it is gorgeous up close with the sparkling red. I needed to pick up a few extra decals so I grabbed some themed after Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII as kind of a nod to summon materia being red in Final Fantasy VII.

Now that you know what I’m playing on, please look forward to hearing some new music from these lovely instruments soon!

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