In preparing for work on a new project, I needed to set aside a day to do some maintenance on my instruments and get them all set up for recording. While doing so, I decided to take a few pictures and thought I would share them here for anyone that is curious what I’m playing on.

Quick notes about each guitar/bass:

The Walking Dead: This is a new, very cheap Peavey strat-style guitar with a ‘The Walking Dead’ wrap on it. I added some new potentiometer knobs (red skulls) previously and finally got around to adding the red skull inlay decals on the fretboard today.

Ebony: This is another new cheap guitar but it is the only 7-string guitar I have which is required for some of the heavier or more intricate songs that I do. With the cheaper guitars I figured I’d have some fun and put some themed decals on them so I went for a Final Fantasy XV vibe here. The fret inlay decals are swords and I love them.

Bio Tech: This is one of the few remaining guitars I have from pre-2016. I had to sell a lot because my wife and I had lost our jobs but this is probably my favorite guitar I’ve ever owned so I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. I believe the guitars like this were only available for a limited time, so I got really lucky when I managed to grab it.

Eight-six: This is a cheap 5-string bass which goes along with the 7-string guitar. I need both to do certain songs. I’ve actually owned a bass exactly like this before once or twice… They’re good but they’re literally bottom of the barrel. So I had fun with the decals and themed it after one of my favorite vehicles in media – the Trueno from Initial D. Even managed to get a license plate for the back!

Summon: This is another of the remaining instruments from pre-2016. I really love this bass – it’s a lot of fun to play on and it is gorgeous up close with the sparkling red. I needed to pick up a few extra decals so I grabbed some themed after Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII as kind of a nod to summon materia being red in Final Fantasy VII.

Now that you know what I’m playing on, please look forward to hearing some new music from these lovely instruments soon!

The Monaural Collection is out now on your favorite streaming services! Check the links below for quick access:

The Nightmare Battles (13 Tracks)

Embracing Fate (15 Tracks)

The Forgotten Battles (12 Tracks)

Dark Anger, for Never (18 Tracks)

The Championship Battles (14 Tracks)

That’s 72 songs that dropped in the last 5 months! And now for some new music…

Turnien is a band that I was in for a short while with two very good friends. We wrote some amazing original songs, and were lucky enough to record 5 of them. Now, with full permission from the rest of the band and a lot of mixing/mastering work by yours truly, I’m bringing those 5 tracks (vocal and instrumental versions – 10 tracks total) to your ears! Turnien’s self-titled album will be releasing on October 1st, and the music will be offered royalty-free just like all of my other songs. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all! …And sharing starts on September 10th with the first song “To Be King” so be sure to check back or subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Lastly, on the same day Turnien drops I’m going to be launching my Patreon! It’s something I’ve been considering for a long time, and I think I came up with a decent way to run it. Patrons will get access to an online music repository consisting of all of my music – past, present, and future. Access to songs/projects/etc. will be determined by Tiers. The $3/month Tier for instance, includes the entire Monaural Collection AND the original 8 albums that the Monaural Collection was plucked from. That’s 192 tracks for $1 that are yours to use royalty-free… but that’s just the beginning. There are additional tiers at $5, $10, $20, $30, and $50 that unlock a ton of other files (and each tier includes everything from the previous tiers) including unreleased and work-in-progress tracks. Each tier also includes MP3s and high quality WAV files where possible. This will be the first and only place to get high quality WAV files for the majority of my music. I don’t want to stop there though…

Here’s where I need your help! I need to know what else you would like to see offered to Patrons. Just add your comments directly to this post with suggestions, opinions, etc. throughout the month of September and I’ll keep checking back and replying. Here are some of the things I’ve thought up but have not implemented:

  • Discord implementation/benefits or unique Discord-only track releases/previews/etc.
  • Guitar/Bass tablature released regularly for songs chosen by Patrons via polls
  • Guitar/Bass general lessons (recorded videos and tabs/documents for everyone to enjoy, or 1-on-1 video calls over Skype/Zoom/etc.)
  • Guitar/Bass lessons that cover how to play my songs chosen by Patrons via polls
  • New individual tracks released regularly (requests from Patrons may be considered for specific styles)
  • Consistent new work on albums guided by Patron requests and/or polls
  • Custom tracks for higher tiers (similar to commissions)
  • Gameplay or Let’s Play videos of Patron-chosen games
  • Short gaming experiences made in Unity with my music as background tracks
  • GM a Pathfinder 2E game for a group of 3-5 higher tier Patrons over Skype/Zoom/Roll20/etc., which could be recorded and released on YouTube or just for Patrons

What sounds good to you, and what else would you be interested in? Let me know in the comments below.

Throughout 2007 and 2008 I started recording my first few albums. These included The Nightmare Battles, Embracing Fate I, II, and III, The Championship Battles, two Taking Out Anger albums called For Never, and Dark Anger, and a very personal album called +255.

I’ve wanted to record new versions of these songs forever, but the task is daunting and I’ve just never had the motivation to start. I did want to get these songs back out there though so that people could listen to them if they wanted. Unfortunately the only versions of the recordings I had were mono MP3s so the sound quality is not ideal. I tried a lot of different methods to make them sound better, but honestly nothing I was able to do made them sound better than they already were.

So I did a minor clean up and leveling of the audio, and decided to sift through them and figure out how to release them in a way that I’d be happy with today. I cut out any of the songs I just generally didn’t enjoy. Things I’ve never really went back and listened to since the songs were made, and I tried to focus only on the songs I thought people would genuinely be interested in listening to today. I ultimately reduced 8 albums down to 5, and I’m very happy to announce that all 5 albums in The Monaural Collection will be releasing this year! Starting with The Nightmare Battles on May 1st, and followed by Embracing Fate (a full vocal album!) on June 1st. Additional albums to release on the 1st of July, August, and September.

I really hope everyone enjoys these albums for what they are… Remnants of the beginning of my journey as a composer. I like to think I’ve improved a lot since then, both technically and creatively… I would like to get some new music out for everyone soon though! I miss composing so much and with the pandemic washing over the whole planet I, like many of you, seem to have a little extra time stuck in the house.

Be sure to check out the album art for the new (old) albums below!

When the pack was originally on, The Blackheart Power included Undead Fantasy as a bonus. Because my sales have shifted to be more focused towards music services such as iTunes and Amazon, I felt it necessary to separate these two releases so that I could offer higher quality releases without bloated pricing. Both of these albums released on December 15th, 2017.

Since then, I have been working on new individual song releases. Due to personal complications, I have not been able to spend as much time as I would like working on my creative endeavors, though I am hopeful that I will be able to release more individual songs in the near future.

Please keep a look out for any announcements on the main page of the site or via blog posts.